Homes that are in the following conditions:

  1. Homes that have serious problems. Problems with the foundation, electrical, heating and cooling, roof, or structure are ALL considered possibilities for EquiVest.
  2. Houses located in less desirable areas such as high crime neighborhoods
  3. Houses with undesirable mortgage terms
  4. Houses that require many repairs and updates that are expensive and out of the skill set of the homeowner
  5. Houses that are dirty, filthy, smelly, and need lots of TLC!
  6. Houses that are in average condition but are outdated and cannot compete with newer homes.
  7. Houses that have been inherited or are part of an estate.

Anyone can sell a house to EquiVest. However, our main customers need a cash offer and want to close quickly. Most customers come from a difficult situation such as foreclosure, divorce, unexpected job transfers, and/or have problematic tenants. Sometimes, families are not equipped with the knowledge or desire to prepare a property for sale and EquiVest provides them with the information they need to succeed or the right offer so the family can move on with their lives.

Cash offers do not require the scrutiny of a traditional loan. With a cash offer, the deal can be completed in days, not weeks. Lenders require homes to be appraised. If the appraiser notes that the property needs work/repair, these work/repair items may have to be completed prior to closing. Conventional Buyers usually don’t want to pay for a repair prior to ownership.

Step 1: Contact an EquiVest
Step 2: Set an appointment at your home
Step 3: Choose your sale date
Step 4: Celebrate! Now you can move on with your life.

EquiVest is in the business of buying and selling homes as an investor. The no-obligation cash offer will be based on the repaired value of your home less the renovation, time, marketing and sales cost. EquiVest must buy on a discount to accommodate the expenses described above. EquiVest will take care of real estate commissions, normal closing costs, repairs, and work with your schedule to close.

We look at what the surrounding homes in your neighborhood sold for. Once we have found similar homes that are close to your home, have the same features, and were built around the same time, we arrive at an approximation of what your home would likely sell for.

Once we have your repaired home sales price, we then determine the repair cost.

Finally, we determine the amount of time the project will take to complete. It is important for us to know the amount of taxes, insurance, and utilities that need to be paid during our ownership time.

EquiVest’s formal name is EquiVest Enterprises LLC. EquiVest is a small locally owned private company.

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