Real Estate Tips on How to Sell Your Home Fast in Under 5 Days for Cash


It happens to the best of us. We lose a job, a spouse gets sick or in a devastating car accident, or the simply unexpected happens in life. When the unexpected things in life occur, it often comes with significant economic hardship. These types of life situations can create a need for some to sell their home fast and to a cash buyer. Cash is almost always required for speedy property transfers. With the property sold quickly the homeowner can shift their focus to what’s most important instead of wondering when and if their property will sell.

If you find yourself in a distressed place with your home or finances or both and need to sell your home faster than what is possible with a traditional scenario, EquiVest is here to help. Forget listing the home on MLS and waiting months and months for buyers, lenders, and inspections. Even homes priced undervalue can take six weeks to two months to sell.

Going the traditional route with a real estate agent or trying to sell by owner, otherwise known as a FSBO, will also include a traditional buyer who will be using a lender to get financing to purchase the home. Lender’s require clear title, an approved appraisal and often times an approved inspection, especially for the roof and/or other major system problems.

Sell Home Fast Raleigh NCIf you decide to go the tradition sales route, you’ll end up paying 5-7% of the home’s selling price as a commission to the real estate agent. Trying to sell your home in under 7 days is very difficult because it will require a ready, willing and able cash buyer who has the process in place to close fast with cash funds. EquiVest is the Buyer and therefore, there are no commission fees and a quick close is easy!

A distressed situation very often includes a property that is either in foreclosure or advertised for sale by the mortgagee (the lender in a mortgage loan transaction). A foreclosure order is a court order issued on behalf of the mortgagee (lender) which is necessary for the process of foreclosure. Foreclosure is the legal process by which a lender cancels the rights of a borrower to redeem the property by paying off the loan balance and “forecloses” the mortgage because the borrower has defaulted on paying the Note as agreed.

Working with a local real estate expert like Michael Porter with Equivest Homes can help alleviate the typical risks and unknowns of selling your home in foreclosure, trying to sell through a short sale, or in distressed situations where substantial repairs are needed to improve the home before it can be sold in a more traditional real estate transaction.
If selling your home for fast cash in under 7 days is something you need to explore, Equivest Homes works with each client personally and discreetly and there are no hidden surprises in the process.

Homeowners or investors needing to sell a home in Raleigh or the Triangle for fast cash are encouraged to call Michael Porter with Equivest Homes. Equivest Homes can assist you with the process of selling your home fast and help you navigate the typical pitfalls associated with distressed property issues such as impending foreclosure or substantial repairs. Contact Michael Porter with Equivest Homes at (919) 710-8383.

Equivest Homes is a real estate investment company.


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